CognoCloud leverages industry leading solutions to optimize and automate our service offerings:

Disaster Recovery

Discover a business continuity / disaster recovery solution for your IT infrastructure based on your business operations and financial needs. Leveraging the combination of solutions, products and network architecture from CognoCloud, you will be able to achieve a fully managed network, disaster recovery solution and fully managed secondary location, enabling your business to meet and exceed SLA requirements in a cost effective manner.

Our Disaster Recovery solution provides point in time restore points down to the second. This reduces the window for data loss to only seconds. Additionally those restore points can be recovered in minutes to resume business operations quickly and effectively.

Our solution also allows you to protect all of your critical applications from ransomware, data loss, hardware failure and any other threat to your business continuity.

Cloud Storage

Enjoy the benefits of streamlined and secure cloud storage by automating the back-up, recovery and archiving of your critical data with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions. Paired with our Disaster Recovery solution, CognoCloud cloud services provide complete and comprehensive data protection both short and long term.

Multi-Cloud Agility

Our service offers you a strategy that leverages multi- and hybrid-cloud technology to help accelerate your business and properly take advantage of what the cloud offers. The benefits of this include the freedom to choose your own cloud, and the ability to move to, from, and even between clouds to prevent vendor lock-in.

We allow you to move applications and data workloads with ease, all while being completely protected. Our services can support new efficiencies being driven from within your organization. This includes anything from migrations, consolidations, infrastructure refreshes, DR Testing and VM test/dev – all completely non disruptive.